Privacy Notice
April 14, 2019

This privacy notice describes how uses and stores user data. collects data in a number of ways in order to perform key functions of the website such as distributing job applications to employers or storing information relating to job listings. Third party analytics software is also used on to help us understand how users interact with the website. This allows us to make changes with the ultimate goal of improving the user experience and success of the platform for our users.

Posting Job Adverts

Job advert data is publicly visible once an ad has been approved, and remains visible until the end of the advertising period. This data such as the job description and role is displayed across the website and may be included in any promotional emails or newsletters we distribute. Following the expiry of the advert, the data is no longer publicly visible but can still be viewed through your account page. Job listing data can be deleted at any time upon request by contacting us at here.

Company address data entered by the user is used to place a point showing the geographical location of the office on the map displayed on the main search and listing page. This point is displayed publicly on the map which forms a key feature of the user interface, allowing users to locate relevant ads based on location. A full text-based business address is never disclosed publicly by The address will only be displayed publicly on if entered by the user for example within the content of a job advert or to describe how applicants may apply when requesting applications by mail.

Submitting Job Applications

When a job application is submitted via all information entered in the online form is automatically distributed by email to the identified representative within the employer’s company. File uploads are not attached to this notification email, but stored instead on our server and linked within the body of the email. This reduces the likelihood that an email will fail by significantly reducing its size. As such, these are accessible to anyone with a valid link to the file but are never linked publicly on the site. Links to user files are never disclosed by to any party other than the potential employer’s named representatives. Applicants should be aware that any further distribution by the potential employer is subject to their privacy policy. For this reason, applicants are encouraged to review the privacy policy of the potential employer.

We store backups of every application made through on our server. Backups may be deleted after expiry of a particular listing. Applications can be deleted by upon the request of the applicant. File uploads such as portfolios and resumes can be deleted at any time by the user using the media upload dialogue box. Removal of any data from the potential employer’s systems is subject to their privacy policies which we encourage you to review before submitting an application.

User accounts offers two main type of account; applicant or employer however they function in the same basic way with regard to user data. All information entered when registering an account is stored perpetually unless the account is deleted. Accounts can be deleted at any time upon request through the contact page. Email addresses are stored along with account data and can be changed at any time by visiting your account page.


We currently support two methods of payment; card payments powered by Stripe, and PayPal payments. PayPal details are never entered directly on, users are redirected to the PayPal website therefore any data entered via this method is subject to PayPal’s privacy policies, which we encourage you to review. Credit card payments are handled by Stripe, a global payments processor. Upon successful payment, we receive a confirmation email containing the last 4 digits of the credit card which has been used. This is useful when assisting customer’s with payment issues. No other credit card details are stored in any way on the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics software is installed on webpages. This software collects data from users who visit pages on, for example to identify which pages they visit and how long they spend on each page. This information allows us to analyse website performance, identify issues and ultimately improve the user experience. The function of this software relies on cookies that are stored on your computer. This data is not used for targeted advertising on this website.